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Thank you. So much:)

Haha what anonymous things? The one on my answered messages??

Hello Charles. Will do:)

Thank you:)

And Nate! I emailed you.

Uhhh it’s not official:( but I DO treat him as if he was my boyfriend..he’s amazing.

I don’t see how I’m changing..maybe my style but I’m still the same.

Haha thanks! I wouldn’t take full on nude photo’s though. Unless someone sent me a nude:D I’ll think about it!

The way I see it…no, I am not single.

Hahahaha yeah I totally forgot about that! Those were the daaays:D

But aren’t you two cool now?? 

Oh wow:D I would LOVE to!

WTH!! Can you say ‘stalker status’!!!!! I’m going to really look out at who stares at me in school-_-

You have a really short torso

Aww for a moment there I thought you were ignoring me!!! I will text you!! AND I MISS YOOOOU:D

I have a lot. I find reality shows very entertaining:)

littlemissswinger Well, I just sent an email to tumblr to change the date to September 24th.

theycastashadow Hi! My name is Marg:) And I will do that. You seem nice!