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Yeah, I appreciate the hi and the thought but WHY? After everything. Why?

Bwahahaha. You wouldn’t have messaged me if I wasn’t running through your mind. And you messaged me in the one place I couldn’t block you:D How pathetic. You go all this way to message me on TUMBLR! How sad?:)

Wow. Amazing how, throughout all this time, you would still message me. TBH I KNEW you would. Bwahahaha:)

Oh. And Jay Sean SUX!!! :D jk He’s hot

Been a while.

Anon: Hmm…why? Why do you ask?? Why are you so curious? May I ask who you are?? jk well, I don’t have sex, man. I’m a freaking virgin;D

Anon: No, I don’t try the positions I reblog but I wouldn’t mind trying. And the last time I had sex wasssssssssssss, let’s just say I’m exhausted;)

thesavagemowgli: Hello there:D I mish you!!

Jayton: Haha dude, that was hilarious! Thanks for following. I like following back people from Guam!

Anon: Idk I was just feeling horny? 

Hahahaha check this kid out. Acting like I just randomly messaged him after he messaged me to promo him! What a re-tard!

Oh wow. This is the sweetest message I’ve gotten from an anon. I love you for that. And I wish you weren’t an anon so we can talk more often. You seem really wonderful. No no I do not think this message is meaningless. I loved it. It really made me smile. You totally made my day.
It is 10:12am right now(Sunday). I haven’t slept since I woke up 7pm last night. My sleeping cycle has been really bad lately. So, I’m thinking about staying up till tonight to get it back to normal.
Thank you so much for the wonderful and kind words and I hope you have a great and wonderful night. Goodnight. Hugs and kisses from me:)

Hmm. What do you mean what happened?

Well, referring to “A”.

1. Do I like this person? We’ve had our drama. It’s over and done with. But do I “like” you? Sure. You can be cool:)

2. Is this person your enemy? Well, obviously not since I just said I liked this person. We’ve had our days. Pretty sure we hated each other for a while.

3. Would you hug this person? How? When? Where? It’s obviously not going to happen any time soon or maybe not at all but maybe if we see each other somewhere at a random time at a random place then yeah. I’d want to.